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Due to a technical issue, the coin reporting function was inactive for the past few months. If you have previously reported a coin, we kindly ask you to resubmit your report. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Coin ID: 1657
Coin name: KM#102.3
Country: Mexico - Guadalajara
Value: 4 Reales
Material: Silver (0.903)
Weight: 13.54 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Year 1814
Source Time Year Quality Cost Options
Ebay 24.02.2019 04:21 1814 $69 View source
Mexico 4 Reales 1814 GaMR Scarce nice detail Km#102.3 Nice Independence Royalis |
Ebay 11.10.2022 20:00 1814 $219.86 View source
Fernando VII 4 Reales 1814 Guadalajara Mexico Rare 'V' for U in 'Ultra' KM#102.3 |